Quantum Jumping

Burt Goldman

Here I am with Burt in 2013


I loved Burt and having the chance to meet and learn from this master was a value no one could imagine. Burt in his 80s was giving 3-day seminars.

hypnotics and imagination the secret ingredient!

Explore the videos and later we can work on his course Quantum Jumping one and two.

Learn this process as it is another meditation method mixed with  

Learn Quantum Jumping with Burt Goldman 

Quantum Jumping with Burt Goldman is a unique learning experience that helps you tap into the unlimited potential of your mind. Burt Goldman, often referred to as the “American Monk,” has blended his extensive knowledge of meditation, hypnosis, and quantum physics to create this ground-breaking technique.

Quantum Jumping is based on the principles of Quantum Physics, positing that multiple versions of our reality exist simultaneously in alternate universes. Through guided meditations and visualization techniques, Burt teaches you how to ‘jump’ into these alternate realities to glean wisdom, skills, and insights from your other selves. This method aims to help you improve your life, achieve your goals, and unlock your full potential.


What Your Get


Quantum Jumping with Burt Goldman is an innovative learning program that enables you to access the boundless capabilities of your mind. 

The core of Quantum Jumping is anchored on the concepts of Quantum Physics, which suggests that multiple realities of our existence are present concurrently in different universes. Burt uses guided meditations and visualization techniques to teach you on how to ‘jump’ into these alternate realities. The idea is to gather wisdom, skills, and insights from your alternate selves or  doppelgänger living in these different universes.

By ‘jumping’ into these alternate realities, you can learn from the experiences and knowledge of your other selves. This can provide you with new perspectives and solutions that you may not have considered in your current reality. This can lead to personal growth, self-improvement, and the achievement of your goals. The overarching goal of Quantum Jumping is to assist you in improving your life, accomplishing your aspirations, and unlocking your complete potential.

This method is not just about self-improvement, but about self-discovery and understanding the full capacity of your mind. By tapping into these alternate realities, you can unlock new possibilities for personal and professional growth, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

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