Mindfulness is Freedom from Mind

The Path to Freedom from the World We Know

If you stop for a moment and look upon all that you know and believe about the world around you it is apparent that you have many beliefs and feelings about what is right and wrong, good and bad.


How often  do we ever ask ourselves why do we believe these ideas to be true? Being aware that programs are running your life is mindfulness, what is freedom from the mind

What do you want to be free from? When?

The Journey to Self Realization

the way to escape

Let’s Start at the Beginning

A child is born, perfect and innocent. Lets compare this child to a computer. The child has an operating system just like a computer. It runs the child, breath is happening, heart is beating, nourishment, and excretion happen. The child does not need to try to make these functions happen they just do. The innocent one has no judgment or thinking. No good or bad, right or wrong, no judgements, all just is.

Then as she or he ages they start to learn. Programs are installed and now the child can access these programs to intrepid the world around them. These programs are installed by the parents to start. One of the first programs the child experiences are feelings. If the parent is happy in their world the child feels that vibration. If the parent is stressed the child feels this as well. If the child is loved, or a burden this is stored in the child’s vibrational bank account. They start to learn the different states of the parent. The child learns comfort and discomfort even before birth. It learns from the beginning of being. Remember mindfulness is freedom from the control of mind, and mind is all we see.

Moving on to Higher Learning

Now the parent moves on programing the child’s hard drive or memory banks with identity. Mommy, Daddy, then they learn who they are, well maybe they at least learn what they are called, their name.

The normal child has the senses to interpret the world or it’s environment. It know nothing the memory banks are clean and clear. The eyes and ears are at work recording what is happening all around the innocent child. They are also feeling and recording. If the parents are happy it is recorded. Unfortunately parents too have problems and programs and they may or may not be in a peaceful loving state all the time. It is recorded!

Jumping Forward 30 Years

All these experiences are still active or dormant in the hard drive, or the subconscious mind. Actually all these memories are shaping the world of this now child turned adult. The individual may not even know what is happening. They may not know why they have a problem with their spouse or why they really dislike a particular type of person, religion or political party to name some of the more emotional programs. All they know is they are passionate about their beliefs and feelings!

The Journey to God Realization

Why does this matter?

We as a people collectively are suffering from existential suffering. We feel this is how life is, we accept this form of society. We may not even know that we can be free of the prison or the minds programs. We can and we must choose to learn about what is causing the discomfort thru an inner journey. We need to go where the problem is instead of treating the symptoms.

We treat the symptoms with alcohol, drugs, sex, food, or any diversion that will separate us from the unhappiness and relieve the pain of stress we are experiencing. It is a temporary escape.


  • We offer a path, but you must take it!
  • It is not an easy journey but well worth the journey
  • You can be free of existential suffering

Mindfulness is Freedom From the Mind

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