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First step is finding out what you resonate with as there are many different ways to meditate. None is better than the other, it is what works for you. Meditation is about getting quiet inside. In your inner world is where peace starts in your outer manifestation is the mirror of the inner world. Never fix the reflection, fix the one who is being reflected within.

The Great Soul Sync Meditation

One world academy

Here is a wonderful meditation by Preethaji and is simple fun and very powerful. Enjoy it as it is easy to start. She will guide you through it.

I am just here to show you the way, You will discover and find what your looking for on your own. Through this type of work you go within your own soul and self. Only you will see what you need to. 

Religion is not part of this process but one source of creation is in all. We can call it God, Jehovah, Source, The Divine, Allah, The light or the universe. The name is not important it is the Being that is, the one known as I am. 


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By Preethaji 



only 16 minutes

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Chakra Dhyana Meditation

Chakra Dhyana is an ancient meditation from the east. It is used to quiet the mind. Quiet the feelings that may not be so good and start a inner process to clear the confusion in the body that is holding these energies that are causing the discomforts. The body was made to heal itself. We have an energy within called Kundalini and it when used properly it will begin to heal the person and cause freedom peace and joy. It is a first step to knowing about the inner world that is causing all the problems you are seeing on the outer world. We think the problem is in the outer world that we see, in reality it is not! The outer world it is only a reflection of what is going on inside or YOU

More Meditation

There are several types of meditation and prayers. Meditation is the same as prayer in the sense that you enter into the quiet and speak with your inner self or sprit, some call it God. Hypnotics are also a factor as we go into another state when one is speaking with their main control panel the sub conscious, source or creator. Maybe that is too much, we can just call it consciousness.

Visit our meditations page when it is ready to a library of meditation and quantum jumps. 

Mindfulness | Mind Control is Awareness Awakening & Letting Go

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Our Expertise

Ananda G has studied meditation extensively.  

Ananda g ,became a Oneness Trainer  2013

Here to serve you, assist and guide to a better and better state.

Helping you find your truth and make peace with it and start healing needed to enjoy what is left of your life.  


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